The Splicing Detail & Craft Trend for Women’s Leather & Fur

Women's Leather & Fur
Women's Leather & Fur

The fur splicing on puffer jacket plays an important role in the industry. Color blocking,sleeve splicing,multi-material splicing,collar splicing and quilted splicing are the main directions. Minimalist embellishments and back design develop sleek items.

Women's Leather & Fur

Puffer jackets are mixed with leather, fur, knits and nylon to show multiple material conflicts and thermal performance, which is a noteworthy direction in the industry.

Women's Leather & Fur

Puffer is spliced with mink, fleece and curly wool on sleeves to highlight the textural conflict and a 3D space. The enriched layers present the charm of splicing in places.

Women's Leather & Fur

Cashmere, mink and cashmere in different colors are spliced to form visual impact. The area, size and shape of color blocks are the keys to catching eyeballs.

Women's Leather & Fur

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