The Turbulences Analysis of 39th Spinexpo Shanghai

Spinexpo Shanghai

The 39th session of Spinexpo Shanghai was held in Hangzhou during August 28 to 30. The first part of the report focuses on different kinds of yarn in the exhibition. And this part turns our eyes to innovative and creative stitches. Three-dimensional ottoman stitch and fine-gauged stitch are noteworthy the most. The rich tactile layers of ottoman stitch are combined with fancy yarns develop Chanel-inspired pieces. Multiple presentations of floral patterns are worth reference. Fine-gauged stitching of viscose materials expresses a light and fresh atmosphere.

Spinexpo Shanghai

The stitch performance of flower patterns is the key. Air-layer jacquard, pointelle and destroyed flowers are the main presentations. Notably, the post rubber printing enriches the fabric layers.

Variant Flowers

The presentation of stripes is expressed by stitches, clashing yarns and spaced-dyed yarns. The changeable colors and textures show great creativity.

Visual Stripes

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