The Silhouette Trend for Kids’ Puffa Jacket

Kids' Puffa Jacket

The released birth policy of Chinese government prompts the acceleration of kidswear market. Young mother shoppers are now having high requirements on comfort, fabric, design and quality. This report will introduce you the following seven silhouettes of kids’ puffa jacket to support your design development.

Kids' Puffa Jacket

The silhouette of shirt is combined with heavy fabrics and 3D cuts to develop lightweight puffa jackets. The quilting design and signature large turn-down collars are fashionable and pretty.

Kids' Puffa Jacket

The fluid cuts of collarless coat show clean lines. The reversible design allows kids to explore more possibilities of dressing.

Kids' Puffa Jacket

Light crop puffa jacket is both convenient and thermal. The standard baseball jacket silhouettes leave enough space for kids during the movements.

Kids' Puffa Jacket

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