The Natural Atmosphere A/W 23/24 Fabric Trend for Menswear

Fabric Trend for Menswear

Our routine living and working in city limit people’s natural characteristics and hobbies. The desire for releasing mental pressure promotes the multi-dimensional revolution of micro-vacation. The longing for outdoor wildness restarts our lives in a pleasant mood and decodes the pressure. For fashion design, designers are also breaking the monotonous boundaries of purposes and properties to develop practical pieces for multiple occasions.

Fabric Trend for Menswear

The palette of Natural Atmosphere feels the vitality and brightness of the nature, and creates a casual and vibrant mood. Tender ShootsSuper Sonic and Zinnia take the center stage. The tonal colorway of Tender Shoots is joined by pastel pink and blue to interpret the pastoral leisure; Placid Blue is crashed with ZinniaToffee and a little drop of Bluewash to present the vibrant sporty theme; Toffee and Bluewash are teamed up with Super Sonic and Hot Red to endow snowfield exploration with a fashion spirit.

Fabric Trend for Menswear

A group of cool life players show their desire for the natural world. Under the fast pace of urban life, they want to escape from the noise and seek for an otherworldly land. No matter the leisure time in country side, the pressure-releasing sport or even the extreme exploration in snowfield, all of them are the approach to get achievement and life attitude. The development of fabric is pursuing the combination of outdoor performance and the street fashion.

Fabric Trend for Menswear

Pastoral Leisure celebrates the carefree life in mountains. The natural fields that are far away from the cities pursue the essential casualness and release. The soft and fine handle of knit gets rid of the bonds; wearable chemical fibers and natural cotton-like appearance are in line with the natural atmosphere; the shading of classic chameleon fabric fuses outdoor casual with fashion functionality.

Fabric Trend for Menswear

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