The Color Trend Forecast of A/W 23/24 Menswear

Menswear color

Daily tactility leads us to discover every touchable and transient moments. The moments that are frozen in the visual images are introduced into daily lives through scientific touches to enjoy the convenient living at home. As a connecting space between indoor and outdoor, balcony is where we feel the natural green fields and peaceful minds. The artistic spirit in the lively atmosphere allows us to imagine and taste the essence of life during the lounge time.

Menswear color

The rapid development of science and technology is changing our lifestyles. Artificial intelligence can be seen everywhere, bringing more convenience to life. Colder neutrals create a palette for the futuristic Smart Home; Eco Balcony accents the connection between life and natural ecology and makes private indoor vacation possible; life estheticians enjoy their lives and discover mental peace through artistic perception.

Menswear color

Smart Home pursues the balance of everyday life. This colorway centers on the combinations of neutrals. The scientific hue of Angel Blue discusses the diversity and practicality of color. The visual conflict reflects the active factors of minimalism.

Menswear color

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