The Pattern Craft Trend for Menswear & Womenswear

Pattern Craft Trend

There are many kinds of clothing pattern crafts. This article takes “naughtiness” as the starting point, and endows the style with more interesting points through the visual images of animal figures, changeable portraits, quirky amusement parks, letter deformation and icon marks. At the same time, it adopts rich and innovative pattern techniques such as appliques, embroidery, craft combinations and three-dimensional touch, endows menswear with unique textures, shapes the sense of hierarchy between clothing styles, and highlights the eye-catching detail each piece.

Pattern Craft Trend

The expression of human portrait is diversified. This report focuses more on the cartoon characters. Printing, embroidery, applique and terry embroidery are combined to show more playful highlights. Eye-catching colorways strengthen the visual impact and the childlike atmosphere.

Pattern Craft Trend

The busy and heavy life makes people yearn for a childlike and relaxed world. Taking “big eyes” as the visual image, the overall presentation effect of the style is enriched through exquisite embroidery, three-dimensional applique and fuzzy terry embroidery. And at the same time, it starts a unique and interesting trip to the amusement park.

Pattern Craft Trend

Welcoming letter elements are joined by 3D silica gel, applique, chain overlock, flocking and foam printing for innovation. Different crafts shift the original form of letters. The decorations in placement improve the playfulness of garment.

Pattern Craft Trend

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