The Silhouette Trend for Women’s Joyful Sweet Loungewear

Women's Joyful Sweet Loungewear

Influenced by the temperament of sweet ladies, J-Korean loungewear presents a lovely, girlish style. This report refines the most girlish silhouettes. Ruffles, doll collars, puff sleeves, tie straps and 3D accessories are integrated into fashion design to display the whimsical and daring mindset of girls.

Women's Joyful Sweet Loungewear

Slip dress is a staple in the summer wardrobe. Tiered dress hem and ruched front are both lovely and sexy. Ruffled fly sleeves accent the vitality.

Women's Joyful Sweet Loungewear

Lightweight ethereal fabrics are selected to develop breathable nightgown for both lounge and going-out. The combination with simple A-line and H-line beautifies the body shapes. The details on front chest enliven the looks.

Women's Joyful Sweet Loungewear

Court-style nightgown is retro and unique, carrying the elegance and nobility of western culture. Lace trims and tied bows balance the solemnness of court dresses. The button-down front enlivens the upper body.

Women's Joyful Sweet Loungewear

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