The Color Trend for Traditional Aesthetic Chinoiserie Womenswear

Color Trend

Inspiration Source

Color Trend

Inspiration Events
With the improvement of all-around power and the rising of cultural confidence, more Chinese people are showing their love for the country. The popularity of the Chinese drama series A Dream of Splendor(2022) shows us the beauty of the Song Dynasty. The poetic dance ‘The Journey of a Legendary Landscape Painting’ presents the Chinese traditional colorways and aesthetics.

Color Trend

One of the primary colors, red is the best one to symbolize China. This red palette improves the traditional hues with higher brightness. The application on chinoiserie garments offers exclusively gorgeous qualities.

Color Trend

Influenced by the five-element color study and Confucianism, black, also called ‘Xuan’ in the traditional culture, is a color of Chinese ink painting and ancient techniques. Different states of ink reflect the enriched layers of color shades and develop mysterious yet highly inclusive garments.

Color Trend

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