The Design Development of Outdoor Skiing Downhill Skiwear

Outdoor Skiwear

Inspiration Events

Outdoor Skiwear

Porsche has restaged the iconic photo of the 356 B model. The Porsche Jump shows two-times Olympic champion Aksel Lund Svindal ski jumping over a Porsche Taycan situated between gigantic walls of snow as high as buildings.

Founded in 2021, the Chinese light-extreme sportswear brand Moodlab enables functional and stylish sportswear mainly for skiing, snowboarding, surfing and more sports.

Eddie The Eagle(2015) tells the story of Eddie Edwards, the notoriously tenacious British underdog ski jumper who charmed the world at the 1988 Winter Olympics.

Athletic spirits ignite the will to fight and challenge, and also express the awe to nature and the love for skiing. Dazzling Blue(PANTONE 18-3949TPG) represents calmness and rationality, while Persimmon Orange(PANTONE 16-1356TPG) is a color for speed and passion. The logos and badges on racing uniform are added to skiwear to accent the charm of competition. A drop of Paradise Green(PANTONE 13-0220TPG) brightens the palette.

Outdoor Skiwear

Inspired by digital arts, Glacier opts for a pure and clean palette. The desaturated blue brings us to the Ice Age. The fusion with Baja Blue(PANTONE 18-3946TPG) and Antarctica(PANTONE 13-4104TPG) presents dreamy, digtalized luster. Compared with the hardcore metaverse hues, Blue Bell(PANTONE 14-4121TPG) is more fashionable and acceptable. The use of Persimmon Orange in details enlivens this tranquil colorway.

Outdoor Skiwear

Performance Material
Temperature-control system and thermal performance are extremely important to skiwear. The QR code of 4F allows athletes to select the most suitable garment according to the climate. The H2FLOW™ technology of Helly Hansen stores the hot air to keep warm.

Outdoor Skiwear

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