The Silhouette Trend for Women’s Colorful Summer Dress

Dress is the must-have in the wardrobe for commuting and daily dressing. The convenient one piece is diversified by different silhouettes, materials, patterns and details. This report will introduce several important silhouettes to interpret the dressing aesthetics in summer.

Loose fit is comfortable and unrestrained. Its high inclusiveness meets the body shape of different types of people. Voluminous silhouettes made of real silk and cotton create a relaxing and languid mood.

Wrapped waist is suitable for commuting and other occasions. The slim fit can perfectly present wearer’s body shape. Such wrapped silhouette is more practical and individualized than the one in past seasons.

Waisted A-line silhouette shows the romantic elegance of women. Plants and flowers are presented on cotton and silk. The length below knees elongates the body proportion and exudes a romantic atmosphere.

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