The S/S 2023 Animism Thematic Fabric Trend for Womenswear

Fabric Trend

The colors in the theme Animism are sourced from the nature. The minimalist and gentle spectrum soothes the mentality. Vegetarians who pursue the zero-carbon lifestyle explore the beauty of nature in an experimental spirit and advocate the multidomain circulatory system. They are chasing for F.I.R.E.(Financial Independence & Retire Early) and balanced Ayurveda. They are artistic wanderers, who consume in the art scenes with an identity of VIC. Culture, experience, and value are their favourite targets for investment. Pursuing tactility and durability, joyous sense of humor and sensitiveness break the conventions of art, fashion, and life.

Fabric Trend

Playful mash-upcasual naturalism and urban retro are the positions of Animism womenswear. Fine accessories are integrated into haute couture to interpret the concept of advanced basic. Worsted twill, lustrous satin, high-density cotton-linen and creative textures are the main fabrics to develop versatile basics as trench coat, dress, pants and tops.

Fabric Trend

Advanced basic, playful mash-up, naturalism and minimalist chic are the keywords refined from the consumer portrait of Animism. The fabric team of POP Fashion figures out the following proportion analysis through the in-depth researches on industrial technology and fashion trend. Fine worsted takes the most part, which shows diversified ingredients and smarter processes that apply classic menswear fabrics on womenswear design. High-density cotton-linen owns the second place, challenging the limit of artisan-ship and continuing the dressing experience of natural fiber. Comfy luster develops skin-friendly and nude-like fabrics instead of flamboyant features. Light textures and leathers are loved by pioneering naturalists.

Fabric Trend

Fine worsted is the signature fabric that represents the independence of modern office ladies. The development of modern post-finish technology provides more possibilities. The higher density of classic fabrics and all kinds of post finishing improve the performance of fabric and satisfy the need of modern women.

Fabric Trend

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