The Cable Pullover Item Trend of Men’s Knitwear

Men's Knitwear

Cable texture is essential for men’s knitwear. Heavy-gauged and mid-gauged knitting has been the main direction to present textures. Variegated cable, modular cable, structural cable, businesswear cable and preppy cable will be introduced in this report.

Men's Knitwear

Variegated yarns are used to develop cable textures. High-quality yarns endow knitwear with a granular effect.

Men's Knitwear

The modular design of cable pullover leaves blank spaces in detail. Compared with all-over cables, such design is more breathable and sophisticated.

Men's Knitwear

Different forms of cables and stitching skills separate the knitwear into parts, which enriches the pattern changes and visual effects.

Men's Knitwear

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