The Effortless Delicacy Fabric Analysis of Première Vision Exhibition

Première Vision Exhibition

With the blurred boundaries between commuting and casual scenes, there have also been more connections between differing fabrics. “Natural”, “minimalist”, “lightweight”, and “retro” are the keywords. For S/S 2023 suiting and coating, Plant Origin, Commute Time, Power-ful Stripe, Airy Worsted, and Texture Precipitation are the five recommended topics. Vibrant color, light weight, earthy scent, and prominent botanic fibers follow the concepts of sustainable fashion.

Première Vision Exhibition

Plant-based Lyocell fibers, viscose fibers, and regenerated cellulose fibers are blended with cotton and flax to form clean appearances.

Relevant for: suits, jackets

Première Vision Exhibition

The essence of Commute Time fabric is at perfect twill structure, unbleached indigo textile, and cotton or flax surface. High-density two-tone fabrics with obscure patterns present the features of worsted.

Relevant for: jackets, trousers, coordinates

Casual jackets and trousers present powerful and nostalgic stripes. The raw edges of two-tone denim are pretty and retro. The slightly faded effect on surface lets us smell the scent of summer.

Première Vision Exhibition

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