The TOP Ranking of Womenswear All-over Pattern


According to the data analysis of TOP100 downloaded all-over womenswear patterns in December and January, Streetwear style takes 38% of the whole, followed by Smart Casual(37%) and Retro Fashion(25%); plant & floral, animal, and geometry are the most popular elements for pattern design. Prevalent checks are joined by hearts and florals to create a fresh atmosphere. Digital printing and embroidery are the main crafts for all-over patterns.

Womenswear fashion data

We can see from the TOP10 list that plants, animals, and checkerboard are listed as the three most popular pattern elements in the market. Plants and flowers occupy half of the list, while tigers and butterflies are the major animal elements. The colorway of checks can be subdivided into girly style and street fashion.

fashion pattern

Different types of flowers are grouped with irregular geometric color blocks to form complicated and enriched pictures with bold and punchy tones.

Floral Collage

Tiger element becomes the mainstream in the year of 2022 for the zodiac. Languid lying tigers are joined by flowers, plants, and clouds to create lively scenes. Besides, the use of fluorescent colors is also stylish.

Languid Tiger

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