2022/23 Recommended Mysterious Artists

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The battle between science and mystery will continue for good in the natural world. Close your physical eyes and open your mind. Dark tones, abstract layout, and mysterious religion constitute paintings in an unknown and horrible domain. Let’s feel the mysterious atmosphere from the works of Inka Essenhigh, Rita Maikova, Gulam Rasool Santosh, Georgia O’Keeffe, Alvin Lee, and Josiah Ellner.

pattern trend

The paintings of Inka Essenhigh look like the twisted fables with enriched colors. Prototypes, elves, and personified nature are the main elements. Oceans are made into monsters and trees become goddesses. Her fables try to capture the inner vision with the breath of artworks.

pattern trend

The Ukrainian abstract artist Rita Maikova focuses on the endless conversation between soul and universe. She said,”The variety and interweaving of forms excite the imagination, and everyone recognizes one’s own plot and one’s own associations in them. Diving in these dynamic forms are like meditation, at which point the painting speaks to the spectator. I want a person attracted by my canvas to be sure to drown in its richness, to forget about external bustle and to become a researcher of new worlds just for a moment.”

pattern trend

In 1950, Santosh joined the Progressive Arts Association in Kashmir, formed as a result of Raza’s effort to mobilize Kashmiri painters. He showed across India as a member of the association. His symmetric composition and abstract human figures exude a thick mysterious atmosphere. Minimalist lines and proper colors reflect the power of nature and motherhood.

pattern trend

The artworks of Georgia O’Keeffe, a female American painter, present clean hues with a holy feel. Her simple and free compositions focus on the colors and shapes of the target.

pattern trend

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