The Pattern Trend for S/S 2023 Theme of Retro Time

Pattern Trend

No matter how the time changes, the clothing in the old-time wardrobe remains timeless. The revival of the nostalgic emotion fuses natural elements with memories to present a retro vacation style that connects modern and the past. Retro Time creates a healing holiday atmosphere for busy urban teenagers and composes a casual summer rhapsody. With the memories about the passionate and romantic California sunlight, we reinterpret the highlights and charm of that golden era.

Pattern Trend

The pattern trend of Retro Time reveals a vacation style that connects the modern era with the past. The natural elements in Joyful Pastoral and Picnic Party feel casual and soothing; Modern Vintage reinterprets geometric shapes through digital technologies, and the revival of nostalgic emotion pays homage to the golden era; the vacation atmosphere of Sweet Summer leads to a rhapsody; the passion and vitality of Tropical Landscape brings comfortable conditions and convenient life qualities; Afternoon Break and artistic Brushwork Scenery provide an immersive filter for people to release pressure and heal himself.

Pattern Trend

Flowers, sunshine, and grassland take people out of the city for a joyful travelling. The leisure time and pastoral scenery in the sunset create a carefree vibe. Warm sunshine and summer flowers are the best therapies to the plain life with worries.

Joyful Pastoral

With the popularity of microvacation, people desire for a healing summer rhapsody in the nature. Retro elements and colors are interpreted in a new way. Vintage filter and pastel tones release our youthfulness inside and deliver the mental joy.

Pattern Trend

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