The Romantic Lace Detail Craft Trend for Womenswear

Trend for Womenswear

As a common element for design, lace represents gentleness, gorgeousness, and elegancy. The splicing with different materials and the decoration of trimming allow sophisticated garments to be delicate and romantic. 

Trend for Womenswear

The positioning splicing of lace requires extremely fine artisanship. Patterned lace is spliced with the body part. The finish of edges is an essential process after splicing.

Positioning Splicing

Lace trimming is often decorated on necklines, cuffs, and hemlines. The graceful see-through effect brought by the splicing with the body part creates a romantic tonality.

Lace Trimming

Decorative lace is pressed on dress hems and collar edges through shirring to provide volume and a delicate, romantic tonality.

Lace Pressing

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