The Back to Origin Color Trend for Men’s Knitwear

Men's Knitwear

Back to Origin is a color story in the Animism — The Color Trend Forecast of Menswear. The sky colors from dawn to dusk are made into light and elegant tones. Tender neutrals are grouped with pastels to convey the extraordinary peacefulness and beauty. These natural, dreamy neutrals are introduced into the design of men’s knitwear to create a cozy and joyous daily atmosphere, which is suitable for both future lounge and business casual.

Men's Knitwear

Pearled Ivory presented a braided effect on S/S 2023 runways through repeated letters, bring natural, primitive qualities. Jacquard patterns in Peach Blush reveal the gentle and hazy color characteristic. The combination of simple stripes and Cool Blue bring cool air to summer. 

Nature-sourced Meadow Mist unveils a warm and healing power.

Men's Knitwear

The gentle and neutral hue of Pearled Ivory creates natural, primitive qualities. Textural changes are integrated into knitwear to show a handcrafted touch. Cable texture is inlaid by leather for de-licate details. The braided texture brou-ght by open knitting is noteworthy in the new season.

Men's Knitwear

Desaturated Peach Blush feels hazy and dreamy. The color gra-dient brought by colored yarns and printing reinterprets the fantastic scenes in the natural world. Irregular curves are added into geometric color blocks and letter designs for a gentle quality.

Men's Knitwear

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