The Renewed Tie-dyeing Pattern Trend for Womenswear

Tie-dyeing Pattern

Tie-dyeing is a traditional and specific dyeing process whose dazzling colors may enrich the fashion design and show playfulness. With the development of science and technology, modernized tie-dyeing is presented in richer artistic forms through digital processes.

Tie-dyeing Pattern

Trendy letters, characters, and butterflies are combined with traditional tie-dyed patterns to show personality and delicate appearance. The changeable colors on the background set off the letters and increase the visual layers.

Tie-dyeing Pattern

The pretty pictures of blooming flowers are presented by smudged colors. Desaturated pinks and oranges are extremely fantastic and sweet, just like the flowers in the clouds.

Tie-dyeing Pattern

Variegated tied-dyed patterns present a flam-boyant personality through collisional colors. Dotted tie-dyed patterns are dazzling and extravagant, which is more daring and avantgarde than the traditional monochromatic tie-dyeing.

Tie-dyeing Pattern

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