S/S 2023 Accessory Trend for Clothing

S/S 2023 Accessory Trend

Color & Material: Graduated starry night, digital colors, and fresh brights are popular in S/S. Regenerated polyester made of PET fibers meets the sustainable development.

Pattern & Function: Different styles of digital printing are shown. Try waterproof coated zipper to provide waterproof, anti-fouling, and windproof functions. Luminous zipper tape is also available.

Suitable Positions: Top sleeves, outerwear placket, top pockets, front fly, pant pockets, etc.

Colorful Zipper Tape

Color & Material: Bright green is brought to the forefront in S/S. Ombre colors and metallic tones continue. Nylon and metal-like resin are recommended.

Style & Silhouette: See rainbow-color corn zipper and ethnic colorful zipper teeth for womenswear. Geometric metallic teeth and ombre zippers are suitable for menswear. The teeth with letter patterns are used for kidswear.

Suitable Positions: Top sleeves, outerwear placket, top pockets, front fly, pant pockets, etc.

Functional Zipper

Material Development: Metallic sliders in the market, mainly made of alloy and copper, are combined with leather embellishments. Recycl-able, degradable materials, and recycled metal are the developing directions for material.

Color & Silhouette: Golden and silver are the main colors, while dazzling chromatic colors will the latest trend. Irregular geometric shapes, the hollow-out effect of leaves and fans, and embossed effects are the most prevalent silhouettes.

Suitable Positions: Outerwear placket, vest pockets,fly opening, etc.

Metallic Slider

For a full report, pls visit https://www.popfashioninfo.com/details/report/t_report-id_11992-col_127/

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