The Comprehensive Analysis of Womenswear Designer Brand in Janpan

Womenswear Designer Brand

Hall-of-fame brands as Comme des Garçons, Junya Watanabe, and Yohji Yamamoto define the blood and mindset of Japanese fashion. Un-conscious, sustainability, slow-fashion, low-profile, comfort, traditional culture, deconstructionism, and anti fashion are sitting at the center of Japanese fashion labels. “Vibe” is a key strategy for niche brands, while immersive offline store creates the most direct bonds with the public market. Taking young consumers as the main target, niche brands can highly adapt to the conditions on social medias.

Womenswear Designer Brand

UNITED TOKYO was founded by the fashion house TOKYO BASE in 2015. Its brand concept “ALL MADE IN JAPAN” ensures that all the clo-ths, production and manufacturing are made in Japan; ENFOLD centers on minimalism and practical deconstructionism; cycle by myob features unisex, mix-and-match, street, and deconstruction, while its irregular tailoring is the signature; SACAI becomes a leading deconstruction-ism brand; The modernized deconstruction of Shiroma pursuits femininity by combining asymmetric deconstruction with romantic ruffles.

Womenswear Designer Brand

SNIDEL fuses street culture with formal wear to build feminine looks with smart details; Founded by a Taiwanese designer, the Japan-based label JennyFax celebrates its 10th anniversary this year; carrying the design mindset of Issey Miyake, Tsumori Chisato, a brand founded in 1990, is famous for its childlike and romantic styles and bold colors and prints.

Recommended brands: 4MILE, Pameo pose, SNIDEL, Jouetie, UNIF, JennyFax, Tsumori Chisato

Womenswear Designer Brand

Founded in 2012, PERVERZE is a popular streetwear label recently, featuring street culture, retro inspiration, unisex features, and its signature knitwear; founded in 1998, PUNK DRUNKERS embraces rebellious spirits and weird elements; the manager of 99%IS, Bajowoo brings a distinct punkism; NON TOKYO, founded by designer Ayano Ichige, focuses on casualness and youthfulness to build a trans-gender culture and street fashion with a Tokyo accent.


Womenswear Designer Brand

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