The Detail Craft Trend for Women’s Underpants

Women's Underpants

Diversified aesthetics and awakened self-awareness lead under design to be more fashionable, personalized, and diverse. Underwear has been an emotional item of clothing which may empower women. This report focuses on the detail structures of underpants. Breaking the original structures, splicing fills the minimalist styles with delicate details. These unrestrained designs fully reveal the independence and confidence of contemporary women.

Women's Underpants

Cutout design is the mainstream for underpants to provide air permeability and characteristics. Minimalist small-scale cutouts improve the layers, while the triangle cutouts are rather innovative and fun. Linear structures are used to separate bold-scale cutouts and improve the fashionable touch.

Women's Underpants

Lace trimming endows underpants with a blurred aesthetic, which greatly presents women’s charming grace and sexual appeal. Different from the common splicing of lace cuffs and waistbands, the complete underpant structure is broken and reconnected by lightweight lace in different colors.

Women's Underpants

Minimalist straps wrap around the waist to form a separated effect and present wearers’ slim waistline, which is extremely sexy and appealing. Novelty, modernized styles are created by simple and tidy lines.

Women's Underpants

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