The Northern Droplet Color Trend for Womenswear


Northern Droplet is a lithe gray with smart saturation and minimalist quality. Simple and fluid tailoring creates urban activewear, while the tonal coordinate elevates the look. With the cycle modes of design and production, the recycling of textile and industry wastes promotes the develop-ment of chromatic grays on a world scale. Northern Droplet provides reliable safety for those consumers who are looking for peacefulness and steadiness.


Grays are popular in the markets for their classic, commercial appeal and high inclusiveness. Northern Droplet finds a perfect balance between city and nature, and fuses modern aesthetics with relaxation. Functional designs are added to create practical, commuting styles and active ready-to-wear. The high versatility of Northern Droplet allows it to be paired with a wide range of colors. Besides, try tensive geometric patterns to interpret the modernized Wabi-sabi.


Yellows and grays are fued with tensive, filtered patterns to create a surreal distorted effect, which reflects a deeper visual concept. Geometric patterns are twisted and distorted through digital art to form visual movement. Try positioning patterns for a trans-seasonal fluid effect or select tiny squares with shadows to strengthen the viewing.


The combination of contrast colors and neutrals becomes a powerful color trend this season for young consumers. With the rising of sportif fashion, a brand new urban active style is revealed. Taking Northern Droplet as the main tone, Blazing Yellow and Imperial Blue are added to strengthen the flavor and commercial value of classic urban activewear.


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