The Analysis of Margarin Fingers The Womenswear Designer Brand

Margarin Fingers

Margarin Fingers

Margarin Fingers is a unique casual label founded by the Korean fashion designer Juhyeon Lee. Taking root in graphics, installations, and mix-media artworks, the brand combines wearable pro-ducts with signature silhouettes, details, and the focus on durability to express a girlish tonality. The blurred boundary between fashion and telling stories helps wearers discover their new personality. Titled Dinner Party, the A/W 21/22 collection added deli-cate ruffles, bowknots, florals, and cake elements into practical items to build a romantic and casual atmosphere.

Margarin Fingers

Key Pattern

Romantic ditsy florals in pastels are tender and girlish. The graceful and fresh visual effect brings a relaxing atmosphere through printing and jacquard.

Margarin Fingers

Key Detail

Ruffle is a signature element for the brand. Narrow ruffles are placed on the edges of necklines, armholes, and hemlines with ethereal lace to strengthen the romantic and sweet feeling.

Margarin Fingers

Key Item

Blouses present both French-style elegancy and the sweetness of Korean fashion. V-neck and large turn-down collars are joined by delicate bowknots and ruffles for naughty and lovely looks. Tender hues are matched with classic colorless tones to create ver-satile styles.

Margarin Fingers

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