The Seashell Pink Color Trend for Infants’ Wear

Infants' Wear

Pink is always a tone for childishness and cuteness. The lively Seashell Pink represents human’s new hopes. This innocent and tender tone is loved by many modern youngsters. Desaturated pink is matched with other gentle colors on kidswear to create an avant-garde visual effect.

Seashell Pink

The pure and dreamy hue of Seashell Pink is used as the main tone of looks. Rosewater is perfectly fused into the palette to strengthen the vitality. Sweet bowknot, ruffled details, and soft mate-rials remain key.

Infants' Wear

Kids like to find familiar things that can bring them joy. Abstract cartoon patterns in brights recall the childhood in a positive attitude. Fun geometric shapes are paired with expressive tones for updating. Sweet bowknots and ruffles enrich the details, while soft materials are more suitable for infants’ skin.

Infants' Wear

Elegant Seashell Pink is matched with dreamy Light Lilac to increase a sense of romance and childishness. The injection of Rosewater enlivens and softens the S/S palette.

Infants' Wear

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