The Visions Design Development of Menswear


Vision is human nature. We are always striving for the best. Our city ,architecture, space and daily life all show the yearning for a better life. An unconventional spiritual garden is opened in a minimalist and casual way to present the natural power. There is simple and modest ele-gancy between light and shadow, brightness and darkness, virtual and reality. Time is passing in one direction, and space is changing in multiple planes. People want to reflect infinite reveries in limited space through the interaction with space and nature.


Trend Signal

1.The artist Sanyu fuses oriental aesthetics with western colors to create balanced and harmonious pictures, which interprets the concept of cross-culture minimalism.

2.The Berlin-based contemporary digital graphic studio Form & Rausch leads audience to pass through that surreal 3D world made of mini-malist architectures and signature designs.

3.Bianca Bondi selected natural elements for experiments to awaken people’s awareness of this weak ecological system and call for the importance of mind frame to the continuation of human life.


Consumers are defined as the Naturalist under the theme of Visions. People are constantly searching for the relationship and distance with the world in the calmness after emotional craziness. Spirit will be purified and sublimated nprecedentedly. In order to change the concept of sustainable environmental protection into actions, interaction with nature is added more into the material innovation and marketing to satisfy the mind of naturalists.


The representative brand HERMES tried to explore the connection between inside and outside in the A/W 2021 collection to blur the bound-aries of casual wear and formal wear. The film was shot in the Paris Mobilier National, which was a minimalist architecture designed by the French architect Auguste Perret in the 20th century. The show was staged on geometric spiral stairs that connected the inside and the outside.


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