The Detail Trend for Men’s Fine Decorations Knitwear

Men's Knitwear

Business men’s knitwear centers on presenting the qualities. Fine silhouettes and outstanding crafts have always been the prior elements for enterprise to develop. High-quality yarns and mature techniques ensure the fine quality of knitwear, while these tiny, exquisite details bring highlights and fine experiences.

Men's Knitwear

Striped contrasting rib further pursues the collisional colors. The bright jacquard on the ribs has gradually become a mainstream and an increasing development direction in the future.

Fancy Rib Men's Knitwear

Sleeve sides and side seams are not the visual centers but have great potential. Jacquard and applique embroidered on the sleeve sides can better present the technical quality.

Sleeve Side Jacquard Men's Knitwear

Linear design not only underlines the contrasting effect, but also the structures, which focuses people’s sights on the decorative lines. The attached sewing of contrasting or flat ribbons is a recommended expression.

Linear Design Men's Knitwear

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