The Thermal Combination Craft Trend for Women’s Fur Patchwork

Women's Fur

Patchwork is a common craft for women’s fur that groups different materials together. We can always see the mindset of patchwork from either pioneering brands or mass-market brands. Diversified materials are used to spliced with fur, and this plain yet artistic design techni-que better satisfies modern people’s need for beauty and dressing.

Women's Fur

Different fur fabrics are mixed and spliced to produce layers and visual differences, which strengthens the general attraction of clothing. The patchwork of wool skins with different lengths, crimp degrees, and tactile brings new visual effects and fun.

Women's Fur

Leather and fur is a common material couple. The combination of tactile leather and thermal fur has presented an uptrend. Designers use classic patchwork to strengthen the diversity and artistry, and the use on casual silhouettes creates fashionable looks that are suitable for daily commuting.

Women's Fur

The contrast and unity of knit patchwork present comfortable materials. To the splicing of women’s fur, knitted material is a new target. The layered conflicts of materials and features further underline the uniqueness and inclusiveness of heterogeneous splicing.

Women's Fur

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