The Sulphur Color Trend for Women’s Youthful Knitwear

Women's Youthful Knitwear

The yellow hue of the youthful line this season is darker to present the precipitation of time. The sunny and positive energy of yellow is likely to be more inclusive and affiliative.

Women's Youthful Knitwear

Dazzling Sulphur warms the whole winter and catches eyes on the runway. The hue of Sulphur pays more attention to the textures of knitwear, which can better express the embossed touch of heavy-gauged stitching.

Women's Youthful Knitwear

Bold color conflict is the main trend this season, however, it is still decorated in placement. The thick combination of Sulphur and Salmon sets off the bright Gardenia. The complementary of purple allows this retro and minimalist geometric design to present modern industrial aesthetics.

Women's Youthful Knitwear

Contrasting yellow and purple pay more attention to the purity and brightness of hues to create conflicts. The lower purity of purple weakens the contrast and presents a harmonious palette. Salmon stays between yellow and purple as a perfect transition role, while the use of Gardenia allows the palette to be breathable.

Women's Youthful Knitwear

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