The Pattern Trend for Anthropomorphic Icons Infants’ Wear

Infants' Wear

Children explore the world from a different perspective, and every simple stuff could be a living and active individual. Making friends with these anthropomorphic things is a way for kids to communicate with the world. The development and design of infants’ patterns select cute elements and simple cartoon emoji to present a lovely world. This report gathers irregular color blocks, naughty stars, anthropomorphic letters and fruit dolls to inspire designers.

Infants' Wear

Hand-painted irregular color blocks are grouped with gentle tones and facial expressions to form a series of anthropomorphic patterns. An upward curve and two dots can present a friendly smiling face, while frown and curious eyes are also shown by lines. The irregular outlines present the childish touch of kidswear.

Infants' Wear

“Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are?” People have been greatly curious about the signals from distant universe since ancient times. Shining stars are personified to become the messengers to Earth. The yellow hue of stars is paired with lively facial expressions to form children’s favourite patterns.

Infants' Wear

Square, triangle, round, and trapezoid color blocks are given hands, legs and eyes. The combination with different colors and facial expressions creates little colorful monsters with different personalities.

Infants' Wear

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