The Analysis of SUNNEI The Menswear Designer Brand

Menswear Designer Brand

The Italian fashion label SUNNEI was founded by Simone Rizz and Loris Messina, a buyer and a window dresser of GUCCI. With the brand motto that “Everyday I wear SUNNEI”, its unencumbered and relaxing concept presents fresh and warm colors and materials. SUNNEI is good at transferring the laid-back Italian lifestyle to their ideas and using a tenderer way to subvert the conventional impression of Italian customization. SUNNEI must be a rare, quiet haven in this suffocating fashion trend.

Menswear Designer Brand

SUNNEI A/W 21/22 collection fused reality with virtuality to break the fourth wall and traditional structures. For the look book, photographer Alessio Bolzoni had the models look as if they had crashed on a screen. They looked squashed on the surface on the phone screen, very close to us. Images were distorted to feel the faint of Expressionism. With the reinterpretation of 90’s aesthetics, Simone Rizzo and Loris Messina presented knitwear and sportswear with soft and relaxing silhouettes. Besides, the apparels made of experimental and textured textiles were also eye-catching.

Menswear Designer Brand

Playful distressed prints exude a rebellious mood and inject vitality into shirt and T-shirt to create a comfortable atmosphere in early autumn. Besides, the impressive color conflict brought by yellow, blue and red is also more fashionable.

Menswear Designer Brand

Different forms of stripes can extend our visual effect in different directions. A wide range of colors are applied this season. Active and fresh golden is noble and premium, and the combination with loose silhouettes strengthens the sense of fashion. The use of stripes can also break the depression of dark-tone shirts.

Colorful Stripe Menswear

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