The Midsummer Voyage Womenswear Runway Analysis of Giorgio Armani

Analysis of Giorgio Armani

Inspired by the love for the sea and sun, Giorgio Armani S/S 2022 womenswear presented a blue ocean on the backdrop. Maintaining the classic styles, Giorgio Armani integrated the fantastic colors of sunset with chiffon gown dress to exude tenderness and romance. Besides, many celebrities took photographs with the designer on the runway, which provided more topics for this collection.

Analysis of Giorgio Armani

The most outstanding pattern of this collection is exotic hand-painted flowers. These painted lines and soft stitches on satin are used to create suit, bottomshirt and dress to make women fantastic and elegant.

Analysis of Giorgio Armani

Complicated and heavy-industry hand-made sequins, beads and fringes are main applied on the chest of dresses and blouses. The combination with flowers and abstract seagulls perfectly fits the inspiration of midsummer voyage.

Analysis of Giorgio Armani

Delicate pleats are presented by drawstrings, elastic strings and gauze weaving on neckline, hemline and body to increase the layers.

Analysis of Giorgio Armani

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