The Warm Christmas Design Development of Women’s Underwear & Loungewear

Women's Underwear & Loungewear

December 25, the birthday of Jesus, is also known as the Christmas Day. Western people decorate their home red, green and white in every year to welcome the festival. Red flowers, candles and green Christmas trees with colorful gifts and bulbs are the main decorations. People wear their favourite clothes to attend the party and enjoy the festive joy.

Women's Underwear & Loungewear

In this special festive atmosphere, family dress and lover dress are more and more popular. Family dress can convey the warm vibe of Christmas, enhance the family cohesion and make the wearer feel safe, which promotes the development of the relationship and communication between family members.

Women's Underwear & Loungewear

The colors of this theme are highly saturated and thick. Passionate Tango Red, active Artisan’s Gold and refreshing Mazarine Blue bring us a bright and warm festive atmosphere. However, dark Cinnamon and Black Bean feel rather steady. Besides, decorative Vanilla Ice brightens the whole palette and enriches the colorway.

Women's Underwear & Loungewear

The regular and orderly surface of velvet presents the gorgeous texture of glossy silk. Its soft and smooth tactility breaks the depression and monotony of winter clothes. Velvet fabric is not suitable for too complicated design, and this heavy material can be paired with simple basic styles like slip dress to show steadiness, elegancy and vitality.

Women's Underwear & Loungewear

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