The Comprehensive Runway Analysis of Womenswear Pattern

Womenswear Pattern

We can see from the womenswear pattern on S/S 2022 runway that plants and flowers still occupy a large proportion. Ink-painting flower, classical flower and geometric flower have increased by over 5%, and monochrome flower, hand-painted texture and romantic dense flower are also under a rising trend. Eye-catching large flowers and small flowers have decreased a lot. The patterns of S/S 2022 runway generally present a joyous and relaxing visual effect. Digital geometric flowers have emerged, and the combination with romantic flowers is worth trying. Monochrome flowers and ink-painting flowers can bring a more quiet and elegant temperament.

Womenswear Pattern

Blooming flowers are gathered to present passionate and dazzling colors. These dense flowers on the runways bring us extremely joyous emotions, and the combination with chiffon provides a naturally graceful feel. Mottled hazy flowers are arranged densely to create ideal chi-ffon dresses in spring and summer.

Womenswear Pattern

Refreshing floral patterns painted by natural crayons are digitally printed all over the woven fabrics. The romantic and playful feminine looks balance creativity with beauty and provide wearers with inner comfort and aesthetic enjoyment.

Womenswear Pattern

Dense flowers on dark backgrounds exude shining lights on S/S 2022 runways. These little wild flowers use bright and flamboyant green, blue and purple to create artificial textures. The dark background can better accentuate the high saturation.

Womenswear Pattern

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