The Womenswear Runway Analysis of VICTORIA BECKHAM


VICTORIA BECKHAM is a couture brand founded by the famous British singer and apparel designer Victoria Beckham in 2008. Neat and tight silhouette, Roland Mouret’s hourglass dress, long zipper and body-fitted tailoring are the signature designs. The S/S 2022 ready-to-wear collection took its tight-fit feminine tailoring and classic designs to the extreme. Especially, the plaid pattern and shirt-style coat perfectly combine women’s neatness with minimalist silhouettes to reveal the core design concept of VICTORIA BECKHAM.


The recreation of classic plaid fabric is the most outstanding in the S/S 2022 collection. Large green checks and tiny green checks on white background are applied on shirt-style coat, skirt and suit to strengthen the classic accent of minimalist silhouettes.


Soft, lustrous silk and the blending with acetic acid materials are the core fabrics this season. Lace texture is presented by digital printing to endow the material with colorfulness. Besides, the use on dress and shirt provides more textures and details.


Sexy cutouts are mainly shown on shoulders, back and chest to catch eyes. And the simple fine straps increase the exquisite layer of clothing, and the large-scale cutout can better present the sexual appeal and charm of women.


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