The Mood Boosting Analysis of Interfilière Paris

Interfilière Paris

The pandemic has forced most of us to find strength in simple and sensorial pleasures. Consumers gravitate towards diversity in moodboosting products and experiences. The latest Interfilière Paris released five trends and orientations-New Retro, Colour Expressions, Planet Friendly, Seductive Drama, and Dynamic Multi-wear-to explore the different approaches of consumer-centric market.

Interfilière Paris

3D embroidery uses bright threads on the edges of fabrics to show floral patterns. Branches, leaves and silhouettes are embroidered to be multi-dimensional, while the flower part applies flat stitching to make the pattern both realistic and illusive, which can better attract consumers.

Interfilière Paris

Metallic threads are added into delicate gauze embroidery to improve the high-class sense of design through the lustre and also elevate the texture. The glossy fabric with entry-luxury touch can better catch sight lines.

Interfilière Paris

Clear flower patterns are presented by colors and density changes. These lively flowers are rather suitable for lingerie development. Proper hollow-out strengthens the sexual appeal, while placement embroidery elevates the general texture.

Interfilière Paris

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