The Patchwork Craft Trend for Women’s Elegant Sophistication Knitwear

Women's Elegant Sophistication Knitwear

The development of science and technology improves consumers’ need for comfortable life. The stricter requirements of food, transportation and living condition also lead to the demand for dressing comfort. Knitwear is tend to be spliced with other fabrics to realize the diversity of textures and rich fabric layers. This report will display how to use heterogeneous splicing on elegant sophistication pullover, dress and under-layer.

Women's Elegant Sophistication Knitwear

The wild and rough textures of heavy-gauged knitwear are combined with delicate lace or glossy, smooth woven fabrics. The diverse mate-rials and richer layers of knitted pullover exude a more elegant touch.

Women's Elegant Sophistication Knitwear

Knitted underlayer emphasizes the comfort and skin-friendliness. Rough and hard fabrics are not recommended for splicing. The placement patchwork on placket, cuff and hemline strengthens the texture of bottoming knitwear. During the development of dresses, large-scale back-and-front splicing and decorative lace hemline are available.

Women's Elegant Sophistication Knitwear

Different from the underdress, the patchwork of outerwear dress pursues the diversity and complexity of material. Glossy satin is paired with knitted dress to exude nobility and elegancy. And the splicing with comfortable cotton shows high quality.

Women's Elegant Sophistication Knitwear

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