The Warm Touch Color Trend for Women’s Puffer Jacket

In the era of overloaded information, our senses are easy to get tired and hungry. So we need the stimulation from all aspects to awake our-selves, which can reach the bottom of heart and explore the deep space of awareness. Savor Vintage colors, shapes, tactility and tastes can all become the carrier of emotions. The psychedelic visual effect of Op Art leads graphic design to a mental and spatial level. Cross-sense designs connect the sensory system. The ultimate joy of Radiant and Colorful penetrates into the inner sense through visual effect. Digital art and haptics are combined to transfer luxurious decoration and complicated expression into value attitude.

Nostalgic fashion, youth popular culture and retro styles lead the coming back of bright neutral colors. Naughty warm colors and modern cold colors are involved in the trend as well. Bright Rose(PANTONE 18-1945TPG), Beaujolais(PANTONE 18-2027TPG) and Avocado(PAN-TONE 18-0430) create individualized color blocks, and the tonal combina-tion can elevate the mood connection brought by emotional colors.

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