The Charming Ocean Pattern Craft Trend for Women’s Lace Underwear

Women's Lace Underwear

Covering 70% of our planet, ocean is commonly known as the cradle of life. The attractive colors, postures and textures of marine creatures are more impressive on lace embroidery. Ocean animals and plants express complicated patterns and romantic temperament. These myste-rious ocean elements are shown on underwear to give a refreshing and cool feeling in summer.

Women's Lace Underwear

Jellyfish is a kind of macroplankton with agile postures in the ocean, which is suitable for linear structures to create an avant-garde technical touch. The latest embroidery design of Bordelle is inspired by the complicated yet delicate tentacles of jellyfish. Unique luminous thread is added into the embroidery to send out gentle lights in the dark.

Women's Lace Underwear

Luxurious and pretty coral interprets the nobility of life. Dazzling colors and elegant silhouettes set off the delicate postures of coral. Threads with eye-catching colors present the refreshing and bright features. Golden threads and sequins are also available for decoration.

Women's Lace Underwear

Ocean wave shows the most mysterious lines in the world, which are delicate yet powerful, understated yet sexy. Meticulous ideas and thick cultural elements are injected into waves to present realistic powerful decorations and abstract graceful lines.

Women's Lace Underwear

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