The Analysis of Rowen Rose Womenswear Designer Brand

Womenswear Designer Brand

Rowen Rose, an independent designer from France, founded the brand under her name in Paris in 2018. The designer mainly takes inspiration from the classic and elegant images of women in movies and operas. The colors such as lake blue, yolk yellow, and pure pink and deep green in the A/W 21/22 collection are combined with classic items and run through the brand culture, which creates a modern and retro style of new elegance.

Womenswear Designer Brand

The core style of this season is the new elegance; the items of this collection are presented in styles such as gray leather coat, red woolen cardigan matched with pink skirt, slender gown-like yellow skirt matched with T-shirt, etc., which interprets women’s independence, confidence and French elegance.

Womenswear Designer Brand

The most prominent color in this ready-to-wear collection is dark green; the dark green has a strong retro tone, which is used in suit, sweater and dress to show the noble and elegant aspect of women.

Womenswear Designer Brand

The item which appears most frequently in A/W 21/22 collection is the combination of retro skirt & jacket suit; the suit is mainly in the shape of flat shoulder or wide shoulder, and the colors are mainly pink, khaki, yolk yellow, etc. ; With the decoration of pearl waist chain, exaggerated pearl necklace and other accessories, the retro suit can fully set off women’s self-confidence and elegant temperament.

Womenswear Designer Brand

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