The Silhouette Trend for Women’s Inherited Classics Outerwear

Women's Inherited Classics Outerwear

The inherited traditions and design concepts of brands represent the value of luxuries and their history positions. These are the artistry flowing in the blood of each family. Innovation and updating should be made on the basis of continuing the brand DNA.

Women's Inherited Classics Outerwear

Tweed outerwear has already been a timeless classic since its birth sixty years ago. Simplified silhouette and released waistline recover the agile and free posture of women and endow them with relaxed attitude and low-key elegancy.

Women's Inherited Classics Outerwear

Bar Jacket was the first fashion collection that Christian Dior released in 1947, which featured soft shoulder lines, slim sleeves, cinched waist, symmetric chest curves and calf-length dress hem. A lot of cloth was used to build the plump and fluent lines. Now, Maria Grazia Chiuri strengthens the outline of Bar Jacket, and the layering with dress allows the wearer to maintain the elegancy and nobility of Dior.

Women's Inherited Classics Outerwear

The 1950s Dior Red sends out encouragement and passion. Oversized wool coat with wide hemline presents freedom, and the design of scarf collar allows winter journey to be lively. Classic A-line hem coat can be paired with suit collar to show a daily feel. The fitted cinched waist design underlines the width of hemline and reveals an elegant tonality.

Women's Inherited Classics Outerwear

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