The Analysis of Première Vision Paris for the Digital Denim Week

Denim Première Vision exhibition held its A/W 22/23 Digital Denim Week online to focus on the sustainable development. Recreation of recycled denim, functional fabric and best denim materials are the main topics of the exhibition. Influenced by the epidemic situation, there were 54 exhibitors and over 900 products involved in this online show. We can get the detailed content about the craft and color of denim fabric from the website of Première Vision, including Sourcing & Networking, Trends & Selections, and Webinars & Digital Talks.

Natural fibers, such as Lyocell, are used to create soft-touch fabrics instead of cotton. Lenzing’s Indigo Colour technique can directly apply indigo pigment to Tencel and Modal fibers, and the coloring process is finished through the one-stop dope dyeing. Besides, Denim Clothing Company is trying to using the natural fibers of corn to produce fabrics.

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