The Analysis of DIOR MEN The Luxury Menswear Brand

Menswear Brand

An ode to creativity in all its forms, the Dior Winter 2021-2022 men’s collection, designed by Kim Jones in collaboration with the painter Peter Doig, is a reinvention of ceremonial wear. Shot by Rafael Pavarotti, this collection was more stylish and avant-garde. The design of cap and beret is inspired by the personal style of Peter Doig, and these poetic decorative elements bring highlights to the general looks, which nods to the attractive aesthetic concept of this artist. A series of creative hand-painted works were made to release endless imaginations.

Menswear Brand

DIOR MEN brought the collaboration with the American artist Kenny Scharf. The general space of store takes the works of Kenny Scharf as keynote with the decoration of installation art. The offline store in Jakarta shows a minimalist and elegant deco style.

Menswear Brand

Building on the artistic dialogue between Kim Jones and Kenny Scharf for the Fall 2021 Dior men’s show, this new Dior capsule celebrates the American artist’s colorful aesthetic and the creative spirit of games. The individualized elements of card game are complemented and contrasted with each other. Red and blue colors are used on shirt, T-shirt, bomber jacket and denim jacket to renew the Dior Oblique.

Menswear Brand

The British legendary artist Peter Doig was born in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1959, whose unique art style and influence are praised on a world scale. And he is also highly recognized by the academic circle. His fantastic works reflect the contemporary lifestyles, and Doig is the greatest artist alive among his generation.

Menswear Brand

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