The Color Trend for Women’s Overcoat of Return to the Instinct

Women's Overcoat

Women’s coat color trend in 22/23 autumn winter

Casual natural scenery allows urban people to get rid of the complexity and feel the refreshing and unlimited plainness of nature. People desire for returning to their instinct, running toward the field and enjoying the purity of life. Modest and simple elegancy, mysterious blue tone, weathered neutral colors and artistic pastel colors are all-matching and good-looking.

Women's Overcoat

Cross-seasonal brown and neutral colors are important to classic investment items, because consumers are pursuing familiar and classic colors. Nostalgic Cameo Rose, Algiers Blue and Mellow Yellow are reinterpreted in a modern way.

Women's Overcoat
fashion brand style for women in 22/23 aw

High-class poverty has become a popular style. The cave-like structure needs no extra color and pattern. Distressed and rough walls in dust yellow and grayish pink exude an artistic vibe through the changes of lights and shadows.

Women's Overcoat

As a key practical color, Cameo Rose reveals a hazy and elegant tone. Exacted from the dried rose in the sunshine, this slightly grayish hue has the romantic girlish feel of pink and the gentleness of saturated warm color, which is more understated and textured. The application on overcoat or tonal collocation is rather modern.

Women's Overcoat

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