The Analysis of O!OiCOLLECTION The Womenswear Designer Brand

Womenswear Designer Brand

Founded by the Korean designer Jung Ye Seul in 2011, O!OiCOLLECTION provides new concepts of visual images in every season. The uni-sex line 5252 by O!Oi was launched in 2016. O!Oi integrates the sense of humor into American silhouettes. All-matching colors, graffiti and embroidery are fused with witty, creative details and trendy fashion. Its imaginative, bold yet minimalist style has attracted many loyal fans. O!Oi is also the representative of old school fashion. The vintage French style and creamy colors exude a strong sense of summer.

Womenswear Designer Brand

Delicate contrasting edges, panels and stitches are the representative details of old school fashion and also the major details of this season. These clear stitches and panels improve the quality. Compared with the binding process, the use of panel owns a smoother linear expression. Curvy contrasting lines are exquisite and playful, which endows clothing with a feel of youthful lady.

Womenswear Designer Brand

The placement shirring is made by drawstring. The application on front chest, side seam and slant placket presents loose volume. The adjustable pleat density and clothing length can better fit the body curves. These textured pleats allow items to exude a thick French taste.

Womenswear Designer Brand

Check is also a signature pattern of old school fashion. Its unique high-class taste is fused with retro colors to create a long-lasting trend. Youthful and lively checked fabrics are used to create short-sleeved suit, skirt, vest and waistcoat. Green color can also be added to enliven the general effect of checks.

Womenswear Designer Brand

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