The Analysis of Doublet The Menswear Designer Brand

Menswear Designer Brand

The fashion brand Doublet was founded by the designer Masayuki in Japan in 2012. This new-founded young brand focuses on the street style yet also presents delicate details. With the blurred boundary between couture and streetwear, the design of Doublet meets both ends. Being good at creating strange daywear, Doublet uses complex processes, uncompleted hemming and printing to make common clothing unique.

Menswear Designer Brand

The Doublet A/W 21/22 collection brings back the nostalgic and retro styles of our childhood. Plush toys, bright candy colors and ’80s silhouette enrich the runway. Besides, this fashion show also applies the walking way of Tenet to realize the reverse of time.

Menswear Designer Brand

These lively an childlike prints in this season bring us back to the childhood. Nostalgic cartoon characters are printed on sweatshirt, T-shirt and plush outerwear to enrich the images and convey the theme.

Menswear Designer Brand

Candy colors are applied on stripes to show a bright and lively visual effect. The combination with signature tassels breaks the monotony of knitwear. Besides, the materials of knitwear and velvet also maximize the general texture.

Menswear Designer Brand

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