The Detail Waist Design Craft Trend for Womenswear

Craft Trend

Waist is at the visual center of human body, which makes it an important position for designing. This report will demonstrate how to allow the waist part to have the sense of design through the introduction of multi belt, waist deconstruction, partial hollow out, waistband mismatch, waist fold-over and multi-material patchwork.

Craft Trend

The multi-belt design on waistband provides functionality and enriches the layered visual effect. We should notice the directions of belts while designing. Parallel belts and irregular belts may present different visual effects so that the direction can be properly adjusted according to the needs.

Craft Trend

The conflict between deconstructed part and original part is the key point of waist deconstruction. Parts with pocket structure can be spliced to provide stronger functionality.

Craft Trend

Partial hollow out will endow clothing with spatial layers. Placement cutout can be made on spliced waistband and belt to realize such effect. The irregular hollow out on the waist part of pants and dress is also available.

Craft Trend

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