The Comprehensive Analysis of Playtime Shanghai #2

kidswear trend

The world is changing, and the second exhibition of Playtime Shanghai will present an image of the children’s universe, that takes on today’s social challenges in order to protect the freedom to be openly and courageously unique. It is the incarnation of a world of solidarity in its diversity, of a “wild” state of childhood where creativity and spontaneity, individualism and simple pleasures of the senses are combined. It is a joyful disorder, in which each one finds a place, the happy wasteland of a future whose complexity is not put in doubt, but where the collective, the freedom and the sensuality celebrate new utopias.

kidswear trend

With the rising awareness of environmental protection, more and more people are chasing for the minimalist lifestyle — Less is more. The minimalism of this Playtime Shanghai is revealed by basic neutral colors, low-key appearances, simple details and neat silhouettes.

kidswear trend

Based on the Wild! Manifesto of the exhibition, lively jungle green is released. This low-saturation and understated green color creates a natural and peaceful atmosphere. Steady jungle green can be used on knitted fabrics and sweater materials to show harmony.

kidswear trend

Knit cardigan must be an important item of this Playtime Shanghai. Multiple brands like BAREFOOT DREAMS, esencia and HOLLYZ present diversity on placket and the yarn gauge of textiles. Buttonless placket of BAREFOOT DREAMS is more casual. Textured heavy-gauged yarn of esencia presents a handcrafted feel. HOLLYZ pays more attention to details. Heterogeneous floral lapel, brooch and bowknot provide sweet visual effects.

kidswear trend

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