The Fashion Trend of Athletic Bra

Athletic Bra

People are willing to enjoy their outdoor time and exercising in A/W 22/23. Athletic bra must be the most important item for sport ladies, which provides support, comfort and prettiness. Sport training should pay attention to security and protection; Adjustable straps are added to support women; Mesh splicing is breathable and good-looking; Ribbons make the clothing fashionable and lightweight; Ergonomic design and seamless technique are also noteworthy.

Athletic Bra

Exercise bra is upgraded into core training type. Shock-absorbing fabric allows wearer to be safe and comfortable during professional exercising, such as barbell training. Shock-absorbing design and anti-skidding silica gel can be added on neckline, shoulder and back to protect athletes. Proper cutout design is more air-permeable. Besides, the massage particles on the liner promote blood circulation.

Athletic Bra

A/W 22/23 athletic bra cares more about supporting women. Adjustable straps allow women to adapt the movement and vibrance during their special periods. Elastic non-metal ring and light pad provide extra support. Thermal pocket can also be developed.

Athletic Bra

Comfort and air-permeability are the two essential functions of athletic bra. Highly-breathable mesh splicing elevates the fashion level and makes the bra more attractive.

Athletic Bra

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