The Sleeve Detail Craft Trend for Womenswear

Womenswear sleeves

Delicate sleeve designs can strengthen the decorative property. Tiered sleeve, rounded curved edges, extra sleeve, multi drawstring sleeve, wide cuff and cold shoulder sleeve are the main categories of this report to present diverse prettiness of sleeve design.

Womenswear sleeves

Tiered sleeve enriches the visual layers. The patchwork on armholes and sleeves can use trimming and drawstring to enhance the detailed feel. Pay attention to the rationality of structure and ensure the dressing experience of wearer.

Womenswear sleeves

Curved edges show rhythm. There are multiple ways to realize such effect. One is to use fishbone and sleeve tailoring to present the curvy silhouette of sleeves. Another one produces curves through decorative splicing. The curvy part should be presented on the outer side of sleeves to allow wearers to be free at daily activities.

Womenswear sleeves

Extra sleeve provides 3D effect. Addition pieces are sewn with sleeves to realize such effect. Pay attention to the selection of fabric.

Womenswear sleeves

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